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Gas or Wood Fireplace Services

A woman enjoying the warmth of a stylish, modern fireplace in a comfortable home setting, showcasing Anderson's Mechanical expertise in heating and fireplace services in Minnesota.


Gas and Log Fireplace Cleaning, Tune Ups, and Repairs In Twin Cities & Surrounding Areas, Minnesota

Professional gas fireplace tune-up and cleaning service by Anderson's Mechanical, highlighting the inspection and cleaning of burner systems, fire boxes, gas logs, and glass panes, ensuring safe and efficient HVAC operation in Twin Cities.

Gas Fireplace Tune Up & Cleaning


Cleaning Includes:

Inspect the fireplace for safe operation.
Thorough cleaning of all major parts such as the burner system, fire box, gas logs, pilot assembly, thermocouples, burner pan, etc.
Thoroughly clean and recondition all glass panes.
Re-install existing logs. NO MESS guaranteed.

Wood Fireplace and Chimney Tune-Up & Cleaning service by Anderson's Mechanical for $179.94, stressing the importance of regular maintenance for efficient heating and safety, and highlighting expertise in HVAC and fireplace services in Minnesota.~mv2.webp

Wood Fireplace and Chimney Tune Up & Cleaning 


Make sure your chimney is clean to help prevent fires.

Your fireplace won't heat or burn as well with blockages due to soot. Dangerous fumes can also make their way into your home if your chimney isn't performing properly.

You should have your chimney checked once per year to protect your family from chimney fires. We can not guarantee sound structure of the Fireplace & Chimney. We can not remove all creosote/soot from chimney liner.

Advertisement for Anderson's Mechanical's affordable Gas Fireplace Repair service at $115.00, emphasizing expert HVAC repair solutions for gas log fireplaces with a guarantee of top-quality service and no mess.

Gas Fireplace Repair


All Gas Log Fireplace Repairs $115.00 for up to one hour labor, diagnosis, and up to one travel fee.

Promotional image for Anderson's Mechanical's Wood Fireplace Inspection service, priced at $179.94. Emphasizes the critical role of professional inspection in preventing fire hazards and ensuring efficient heating, part of comprehensive HVAC services in the Twin Cities area.

Wood Fireplace Inspection


Is your chimney performing poorly or leaking?

Poor performing chimney's can be a fire hazard. Water intrusion and moisture damage can lead to expensive repairs.

Have your chimney inspected. If a problem is found, we will provide you a recommendation to remedy the problem.

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