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Solutions that Keep You Comfortable SINCE 2001

worried women calling a tech


A technician completing a fireplace repair, part of a promotional offer for HVAC, appliance, or gas fireplace repairs at $115, showcasing the company's affordable and expert repair services.

HVAC, Appliances OR Gas Fireplace


Expires 02/14/2024. 

Includes Up to One Hour Labor,

Diagnostic and Travel Fee

A before-and-after comparison showing the effectiveness of Anderson's Mechanical's clothes dryer and side exhaust vent cleaning service, priced at $99.95, emphasizing the value and thoroughness of their work.

Clothes Dryer And Side Exhaust Vent

A cozy, roaring fireplace, representing the Cleaning & Tune-Up service available for $129.95, highlighting Anderson's Mechanical's commitment to maintaining warm and inviting home environments.


Cleaning & Tune Up


Expires 02/14/2024. (1 Glass Window Pane) (wood stoves and inserts additional)

Visual contrast between dirty and clean air ducts, showcasing the dramatic difference made by Anderson's Mechanical's air duct cleaning service, enhancing air quality and system efficiency.

Air Duct


Expires 02/14/2024. Includes 2500 Sq Ft or Less 

Promotional image for furnace cleaning service offered at $99.95, illustrating the company's dedication to providing affordable and efficient heating solutions.



Expires 02/14/2024

Image promoting A/C cleaning services for $99.95, demonstrating Anderson's Mechanical's commitment to providing affordable and high-quality air conditioning maintenance.



Expires 02/14/2024

Book Today for Quality HOME Services

Andersons Mechanical, based in Blaine, Minnesota, excels in delivering superior home services aimed at enhancing indoor air quality and prolonging the durability of heating and cooling systems. With a focus on reliability and affordability, Andersons Mechanical prioritizes your home's comfort and safety, ensuring your HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency.


By contacting us at (651) 784-2150, you can schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate over the phone, providing a clear understanding of the value and impact of their services without any obligation. 

A repairman giving a thumbs-up while kneeling in front of a home's HVAC equipment, signaling successful repair and efficient operation, reflecting the expertise of Anderson's Mechanical Services.

About Us

Anderson's Mechanical Services LLC, established in 1991 in St. Paul and Minneapolis, is a trusted family-owned-and-operated HVAC and Air Duct cleaning business. With over three decades of service, founded by a dedicated husband-and-wife team, the company has embedded family values, quality, and trust into its core operations. Known for exceptional workmanship and customer service, Anderson's Mechanical Services LLC treats every customer like family, ensuring personalized and outstanding service. Their long-standing success is attributed to a consistent commitment to high-quality service and customer satisfaction in every HVAC maintenance, repair, or air duct cleaning project. Joining their service means becoming part of a tradition of excellence, where your comfort and air quality needs are handled with utmost professionalism and care.

A friendly and professional image of Anderson's Mechanical team members smiling in front of their service truck, conveying the company's long-standing expertise and commitment to quality service in the HVAC and air duct cleaning industry.

We Put Your Comfort First


Google logo associated with 5-star reviews for Anderson's Mechanical, highlighting the company's high customer ratings and positive feedback on Google.

Rose M.

“Anderson's Mechanical came on time. They were very efficient and professional. They went above and beyond to service my water heater, furnace and dryer, including fixing the broken duct system. Thank you so much for your service."

Zoila C.

"They are my go to company for duct cleaning, A/C and furnace tune up. They are family owned and I love all of them. The prices are better than other companies and their customer service even greater. Don’t hesitate to call them they do a great job and they also go over stuff that you might not know about it, to make sure everything is running at its best."

Kathleen W.

“Personable, efficient, and knowledgeable. They got the job done and cleared up my dryer vent so my new dryer would work! They even showed up early. I would recommend Anderson's Mechanical Services.”

We offer financing

Prefer to pay over time rather than all at once? Prequalify for financing today and contact us to learn more about our services!
Logo for Wizetack financing, accompanying the offer of flexible payment options for Anderson's Mechanical's services, allowing customers to pay over time for their HVAC needs.


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