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Duct Cleaning Benefits:

Your furnace and duct-work serve as your home's respiratory system, pulling air from inside your home through the return ducts, where the air moves through the filter into the furnace to be heated before passing through the supply ducts and back into your living space. Dust, pet dander, debris, pathogens, allergens, chemicals, dust mites—all of these contaminants become trapped inside your air ducts over time, and as the air moves through the system, it passes through these dirty ducts, redistributing the dirt throughout your home or simply depositing it in the ducts where it builds up over time. Air duct cleaning can dramatically reduce the number of contaminants present in your home's indoor air.

Cleaning the air ducts in your home increases air flow within the system, helping to improve the efficiency of the heating system by distributing air throughout the house more quickly and with less effort. Regular cleaning of the air ducts also minimizes dust and debris entering the furnace, thereby helping to prevent clogging of the unit.



1. Do you or anyone in the house have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems?

2. Does anyone in your family suffer from headaches, nasal congestion or other sinus problems at night or in the morning?

3. Are there any smokers in the home?

4. Do you keep dogs, cats or other pets in the home?

5. Do you notice a dusty or stale odor when your system calls for heat or air?

6. Do you notice dust on furniture shortly after cleaning?

7. Do certain vents not seem to get enough air flow?

8. Is your home newly built or remodeled?

Preparations before we arrive:
Help us work quickly and efficiently by taking care of a few things prior to our arrival. We need a place to park our van close to your home so that our equipment can reach your furnace room.

We require room to work around the furnace so it needs to be free from clutter. Every vent in the home must be accessible. If we need to move furniture, we will move and move back. 

If you have animals in the home that may exit without permission, please contain them in an area of your choice, for we will have an entrance open about 6 Inches for our equipment to enter. If you are not concerned about them exiting the home, they may stay where ever they feel comfortable.

Air Duct Cleaning: Service can take an hour to an hour and a half once we arrive 2500 Sq Ft Or Less (2500 SQ ft Or Less) . We do give a courtesy call 20-30 minutes prior to arriving the day of. We do schedule a 3 hour time frame for arrival Mon-Sat.

Our technicians will come into the home. The tech will go to the furnace room. Once in the furnace room the tech will make an 6 inch opening for the vacuum hose to be connected and create negative air Flow inside the trunk line/system. We do have sheet metal plates to cover this opening that can be reused in the future. We do make a few 1 inch openings (covered with 1 inch cap plugs) for the air snake to enter the trunk line and sweep the surface of the trunk line and force the dust/small debris to our vacuum bag located out side the home. But not until after each vent is completed. If existing openings are present upon arrival we do use the exiting openings.

Once the openings are made or opened, and the vacuum is in use, we will use 175-200 lbs of air pressure to force/loosen dust/small debris from each individual heat or return vent and push to the trunk line that the vents are connected to. We use a 1 inch air hose that will go throughout the home to each individual vent (heat and returns). Once the dust/small debris is in the trunk line, we use reverse air pressure to push the dust/small debris the where the Vacuum hose is located. When entering the vacuum hose all dust/debris is going to a 8 foot dust bag behind/attached to our vehicle.

We clean the registers/grilles and the inside of each return and supply opening using a van-mounted vacuum along with specialized air tools.  Using an assortment of air tools, we clean your entire air duct system, including air filter (depending on style). You may want to consider putting the wall/floor vent covers in the dishwasher at least every 3 months for sanitizing (excluding wood covers).

We DO Not remove vent covers. We do ask for the home owner to remove vent covers from walls, if the vent covers (Heats or Returns) are not painted to wall. If they are painted to the wall please break paint seal prior to us arriving. Do Not remove ceiling vents, we do have air tools to clean those particular vents.

Do not change furnace filter before appointment. Please have a new filter available for us to put in once the cleaning has been completed. So you start fresh with ducts, and filter.

When cleaning is complete, we put everything back together again and clean up our work area.  
If you have a new throwaway filter, leave it next to furnace and we will put in after cleaning. Please do not replace your filter before cleaning, as it may get dirty prematurely. If you replace it, we can clean it with air pressure and vacuum.

We do have a 24 hour cancellation fee of $45.00. This fee will be applied if cancellation after 24 hours prior to appointment, billed separately. But please call us to reschedule any time before 24 hours and there is no charge.

Call Us For Pricing

Air Duct Cleaning is Priced By 2500 sq feet or less, 3200 Square Feet Or Less, 4000 Square Feet Or Less, 4400 Square Feet Or less.

We Do Not Count Number Of Vents Or Trunk lines


Furnace Cleaning:

We clean blower and motor, burners, heat exchanger, pilot assembly, and oil bearings (separate charge from air duct cleaning).

Clothes Dryer Cleaning  Side Exhaust Vent Only/Rooftop Dryer Exhaust Vent Additional Fee.

We use our vacuum and air tools to thoroughly clean the components of your dryer, including the burner, motor, lint screen, and exhaust fan. We also use an air snake with a duct ball that forces air in a reverse fashion to thoroughly clean the dryer duct from the exterior of the home. When finished, we clean up the debris from surrounding area. We only ask that you do not have clothes in dryer during the cleaning process.


Multiple Services Discount:
Save money by grouping services. Purchase one service and receive a discount with every additional service performed on the same visit.

Bathroom Fans & Exhaust Vent  Rooftop Additional Fee
Moisture in a bathroom can lead to peeling finishes, warped doors, and even mold growth. The purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to control moisture and remove airborne odors and pollutants. While maintenance of bathroom exhaust fans is quite often overlooked, a proper maintenance schedule will ensure quiet and efficient operation, increase the fan's lifespan, and improve indoor air quality.

Your bathroom exhaust fans should receive routine maintenance performed yearly.

Multiple Services Discount:
Save money by grouping services. Purchase one service and receive a discount with every additional service performed on the same visit. We are certified, qualified and trained.

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